The particular current economic situation forces companies to ever greater, consistent and timely credit management on active customers.
This is to prevent that the expiring or recently expired position will turn into an problem.
However the Active Credit management activity requires a large amount of specialized resources that companies do not always have.

Credit Evolution is able to support companies which intend to delegate part or completely, their credit claims through activities of Credit Management, conducted with the due sensitivity and discretion required by the relationship between customer & supplier. Our specialized staff, working on behalf of the client, reminds the debtor of deadlines, requesting the payment and managing any complain.

The operation can be customized according to the company policy and provides, either the Credit Evolution staff working directly on the customer's information system, or the Credit Evolution computer system is interfaced with the customers one (via .xml, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, etc.), to allow the automatic data exchange: past due and not yet due payments, aging, results, etc.


  • expired Reminders
  • Phone Collection
  • Reminder
  • Update timely customer's management system
  • Manage any possible disputes & nbsp;


  • Reduce of the DSO
  • Reduction of financial charges
  • Optimal use of internal resources
  • Managing peak activity without the need to increase the internal structure
  • Identification and timely management of credit risk litigation