Evo is the innovative portal and management which Credit Evolution realized in order to manage extra-judicial and judicial Credit Recovery and the activities of supervision over bankruptcy procedures and for VAT recovery.
From an operational point of view, Evo is like the ‘’orchestra leader’’, that aligns all the departments of Credit Evolution and all the internal and external experts involved: lawyers, correspondents, call centre operators, back office operators, etc. In this way, we can activate the correct resource in each single operation real-time, reducing waste of time and maximizing the efficiency of team’s effort.
When the resource updates the situation with the result of its own activity, the information is immediately visible to the client and to the authorized operators, avoiding in this way delays and mistakes resulting from a non-structured communication.
From a practical point of view, all this represents an on-going process of all the phases of recovery, without interruptions, creating a considerable reduction of DSO and an increase of the percentage of the recovery rate.

The Client can always enter EVO Portal through his user id and password and he can consult both the whole situation and every single practice active or archived. A statistical system allows the Client to supervise the performance indicators reached by each provision.
It is possible to verify each activity which is done by our operators and by the interactions with the debtor.
Moreover, thanks to simple but efficient status which identifies the development of each practice, the Client can know the progress of his procedure real-time
In case of arranged repayment plans; the Client can supervise the progress of his repayment plans on real-time and organize a plan for future proceeds.
With the portal EVO, it is possible to attach a number of documents to the practice: documents from Clients or from the Service can be added to the portal. In this way, e-mail exchange is reduced, and everybody can certainly supervise and use up-to-date and correct documents.
In case of notification from the Debtor, this notification is recorded by our staff into the system: in this way, the Client can supervise it and the staff can intervene and reactivate the Service in the Recovery activity.

You might use EVO as a system of communication between Client and his Partners regarding recovery issues: Evo is not a mailing system, but a way of communication between the Client and the Staff who work on Recovery activities.
From EVO you can reserve some practices: Clients can connect and insert a new practice. When a practice is approved, the staff will immediately deal with it. In case of a large number of practices, EVO is able to import the information through Excel file, with an arranged layout or adapted to specific needs. On demand you can also build specific system for the extraction of data from EVO.