Public Administration

Credit Evolution Public Administration is the solutions specifically designed for government agencies, local health authorities, hospitals, nursing homes. Thanks to twenty years' experience of a team of specialized professionals, Credit evolution Public Administration acts within the modern needs of advanced service industry, and it fits in particular in the management and debt recovery field.
A central structure of Operation Management and a peripheral structure of Credit Collectors operate synergistically for a complete national coverage.

Credit Evolution provides its services to all companies, aware of the complexity of the relationship with the Public Body in the administrative phase; they still want to ensure a regular flow of revenue. This is primarily reason why we turn to USSL providers, hospitals, private nursing homes, ministries, universities, schools, etc. Credit Evolution Public Administration responds to the needs of the entire range of suppliers - irrespective of the good or service sold to the Public - working effectively in "global recovery programs", "management of the current turnover", "specific actions".


Monthly Analysis - General and single area - account balance.
Periodic actions are taken at the local Institutions, in order to understand the payment progress of each invoice.
Early warnings, necessary to speed up the payment process.
Report all the necessary information for the payment of the invoice.
Whatever is deemed necessary for the simplification of procedures is - ultimately - useful for shortening the collection time.
Sending monthly payment "forecasts" for the next twelve months.
Periodically sending D.S.O. parameterized to those published by the various Associations category.


General analysis of the credit given.
Reconciliation and certification credit.
Reorganization of Credit Service.
Reorganization and updating of customer lists.
Normalization of irregularities or strong unpredictability of payments.
Optimizing financial dynamics in different companies.
Seminars and training courses for Credit Managers and credit collection staff.