Credit management

Credit management

Customized credit management solutions consistent with the company policy.

Companies facing current challenging economic conditions need a more accurate credit management activity on current customers.

It is necessary to avoid situations where maturing or just past due receivables would eventually turn into unlikely to pay.

Nevertheless, credit management activities require a large employment of specialized resources which are rarely available in-house.

Synergy Key is able to support companies which intend to partially or fully delegate their credit collection activities through a meaningful credit management, carried out with discretion and sensitivity required by a customer-supplier relationship.

Our competent qualified staff, acting on behalf of the customer, recalls the debtor about the due date, requesting the payment and managing any objections.

The solution is customizable depending on the company policy and involves either the direct interaction of Synergy Key with the costumer’s information system, or Synergy Key’s information system being interfaced with the customer’s (via .xml, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, file etc.), as to enable the automatic data exchange: maturing or past due receivables, payments, aging, operating results, etc..

•Reminder on the expired due date
•Phone Collection
•Timely updating of the customer's information system
•Management of any debtor's objections

•Reduction of the DSO
•Reduction of financial charges
•Optimal use of internal resources
•Cope smoothly with peaks of activity without the need to increase the headcount.
•Early detection and management of receivables with potential litigation risk